Cookies are small files that are saved to your computer by many websites. If you have ever logged in to a website or bought something online, then you will most likely have already used cookies even if you were not aware of it.


We use something called a "session cookie" to remember you between each page you visit on our site. This is probably the most common type of cookie used on the web, and it is necessary for most sites to function. Without this cookie, we would not be able to provide essential features such as the shopping basket.

We use Google Analytics cookies for monitoring traffic to our site. This information is recorded anonymously and does not provide or share any user-identifiable information. It allows us to optimise our site for search engines so that we are easy for people to find, and it can let us know how effective certain marketing campaigns have been.

We use Share This to provide social sharing functionality on the website, allowing you to share your designs with family and friends on social media services.

From time to time we may embed YouTube videos into the site as a more visual way for customers to learn about our products. YouTube uses cookies for remembering your user preferences and to provide links to other videos that are relevant to you. does not set and cannot access the information in YouTube cookies. For more information, please see Google's Privacy Policy.


Cookie Name Domain Reason for Use
ASP.NET_SessionId Basket/User Session
basketid Basket/User Session
.ASPXAUTH Basket/User Session
sitecore_userticket Basket/User Session
__cfduid Security Validation
__stacxiommap Social Sharing
__stamap Social Sharing
__stdlx Social Sharing
__stdlxmap Social Sharing
__stdstillery Social Sharing
__stgmap Social Sharing
__stid Social Sharing
__stneustar Social Sharing
__uset Social Sharing
__utma Analytics/Adwords
__utmz Analytics/Adwords
NID Analytics/Adwords
PREF Analytics/Adwords
id Analytics/Adwords
__adroll Analytics/Adwords
anj Analytics/Adwords
sess Analytics/Adwords
uuid2 Analytics/Adwords


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